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KONE Oyj founded inand headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland, is an . KONE&#;s MRL designs significantly reduced the size of elevator machinery andby KONE management to its employees that the factory was not for sale.

Ascensori Falconi SAKONE MaxiSpace®

Since there is no machine room, the KONE MaxiSpace™ can serve the top floor of the building, without a machine room on the roof.KONE Elevator Toolbox.

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Machine room less elevators do not have a fixed machine room on the top of theMRL hydraulic elevators have their machinery installed on the elevator pit.their own MRL products due to the popularity of Kone&#;s MonoSpace elevator.

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Elevator, preferably an elevator without machine room, in which elevator a hoisting machine . The leading machine-room-less elevator, the KONE Classic?

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The real-time page shows four elevators communicating with Kone&#;sThe messages are translated into English from machine data,Kone wants users to know that there&#;s no worry about anyone hacking into its elevators

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machine room-less elevator – the KONE MonoSpace® – and the energy-efficient KONE EcoDisc® hoisting machine. Our .. No compromises on safety.

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medical supplies and equipment must be transported without interruption. elevators are used by both patients and visitors, many of whom may have special.

KONE N MonoSpace® Passenger Elevator

Discover the KONE N MonoSpace, a completely renewed elevator solution forDescription: Machine room-less elevator for new buildings; Speed:.m/sVersatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings, No

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EXCEPTIONALLY SPACE-EFFICIENT. The KONE TranSys™ freight elevator needs no machine-room at all. This means: □ Easier positioning of the elevator in

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Machine Conversations lets people hear how an elevator can tell the KONE Cloud: “I&#;m running slightly hot, temperature atdegrees”, with

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Discover our wide range of elevator upgrades covering things like thethe car overspeed governor, or the machinery guards will improve safety and help you

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Discover all the information about the product Electric elevator / commercial / home / machine room-less MONOSPACE®KONE and find where you can

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Miniaturization has made it feasible to house the MRL machinery right in theKONE, Inc. (Moline, IL) introduced the first MRL elevator and places so much stock in theIt&#;s a matter of physics: elevators without very many passengers aboard

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Discover our retrofit elevators solutions for buildings currently without elevators.


Original Assignee, Kone OyArrangement for releasing the brake of an elevator machinery. US. Moreover, allowing minor operations on the machinery without entering the elevator shaft would be an advantage.

KONE MonoSpace®passenger lift

Discover the KONE MonoSpace, a versatile lift for low and mid-rise residentialDescription: Machine room-less lift for new and existing buildings; Speed:.m/sflexible passenger lift solution for demanding commercial buildings, No

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Click here for the latest job-specific details, BIM families, CAD Drawings, Specifications, electrical data and reaction loads. KONE was the first

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.(a)(1) are not applicable to Kone&#;s elevator maintenance work including .. presented by the moving parts of all types of industrial machinery unless a.


An elevator (US and Canada) or lift is a type of vertical transportation that moves people

KONE E MonoSpace® Passenger Elevator

KONE E MonoSpace is an economical machine-room-less elevator solution designed especially for residential buildings. Clear specifications and standardized

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n Max no. of stop n Max. load n Persons n Max. group size n Signalization options. KONE N MINISPACE™. Small machine room..m/s.m..kg.

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Discover KONE Elevators for various building types and building needs. Click to read more!Description + segment, Machine roomKONE N MonoSpace, Versatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings, No

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The first elevator without a machine room, our patentedTo date, close to,KONE MonoSpace elevatorsThe elevator and all machinery are installed.

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Discover KONE elevators and lifts for various building types and building needs. Click to read more!Machine room, Max speed, Max travelVersatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings, No,.m/s,m

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Kone Ecodisc Motor. Kone &#;Ecodisc&#;No ordinary elevator motorand KDLL elevator drives to provide a machine room-less (MRL)

KONE Elevators & Lifts

Discover KONE Elevators for various building types and building needs.KONE&#;s world-class elevator solutions for residential buildings offer excellent eco-efficiency, smooth ride comfort, and award-winningMachine roomNo,.m/s

KONE MonoSpace®Passenger Elevator

Discover the KONE MonoSpace, a versatile elevator for low andDescription: Machine room-less elevator for new and existing buildingsKONE EcoSpace, Cost-efficient passenger elevator for low-rise residential buildings, No,.m/s

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The Otis Gengearless machine-roomless elevator sets the benchmark for elevator designMachine-Roomless Gearless&#;,,, No*

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Replacing worn, outdated machinery is vital for maintaining safety and ride comfort.Learn more about elevator car modernization, download related materials

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KONE MonoSpace®machine room-less elevator; KONE MonoSpace®machineEasy to find the fastest route to the destination without congestion.